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The mission of the school library media center is to provide a program which integrates curriculum, resources, technology, and staffing so that patrons can develop information literacy and reading skills in order to become independent readers and lifelong learners. 


Library Staff

Mrs. Bussey, Librarian, [email protected]
Ms. Batlouni, Librarian, [email protected]
Ms. Booker, Library Assistant, [email protected]

Ask a Librarian

Do you have questions about using Freedom's library resources? Would you like to suggest a book to add to our library? We are just a click away. Send us an email. We'll be happy to assist.

Library Hours

Mon. Thur. Friday 7:10 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Tuesday - Wednesday 7:10-3:30

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E-Books at Freedom High School

Read eBooks online using your 365 login & Password.

  • Go to the Online Catalog
  • Choose: Catalog
  • Login: Upper right hand corner with your school 365 login & password.
  • Search for ebooks.
  • Select: Open

In addition to having over 5,000 electronic books we have several hundred audio books.


Read Freedom High School eBooks, or listen to our audio books online, or download them to your devices for quick retrieval and use them without internet. Directions on how to do this are included in the document, below.


Microsoft 365

Do you need assistance with your 365 account?

Are you a new student?
The library staff will help you activate your account.

Did you access your account before?
Did you answer your security questions?
If you did, and remember your security answers, you can reset your password at school.
At the login screen click Ctrl, Alt, Del.
Click on the Rapid Identity Icon.
Rapid Identity Icon
Follow the instructions to reset your password. If you are not at school you might try changing it at: FYI - Passwords should not include these symbols: < > { } $ as they can be problematic.


Contact Ms. Booker. Email: [email protected] Desk phone: 571-589-3367

NHS Logo Characters

National Honor Society


Membership is for juniors and seniors. Students in the 10th and 11th grades may apply for membership after the first semester grades have been recorded in the HUB.

Requirements for consideration for NHS membership

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better in standard or above level coursework.
  • Have completed least fifteen hours of volunteer work during high school with documentation.
  • Has demonstrated leadership: has successfully undertaken roles of responsibility, anticipated needs and has taken action to see needs fulfilled.
  • Must demonstrate continued involvement in school and/or community in clubs and/or activities. Must be able to document activity involvement.
  • Must demonstrate good character. Make wise choices; be kind and helpful. Good citizenship is required.
  • Complete all required paperwork below by the deadline, attaching documentation of service and awards as requested.
  • Each section of the NHS application must be completed. The personal statement or belief should be well written and include rationale which supports the statement or belief.
  • Three Faculty Evaluation forms must be sent to faculty members at Freedom High School.  Students must list the names of the faculty members on their NHS Application form.

Applications & Recommendations

In the spring, tenth and eleventh grade students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, taking standard or upper level coursework, are eligible to apply for National Honor Society. The Freedom NHS application and the Faculty Evaluation forms are attached below. They will be updated with new deadlines as second semester approaches.

NHS application paperwork and documentation must be submitted digitally. Applications and documentation must be uploaded in a file in the applicant's PWCS OneDrive account. The file must be titled NHS and your name. Example: NHS John Smith. All documentation of volunteer and leadership service must be included in the file with the application. The file must be shared with Ms. Batlouni.

Three Teacher Faculty Evaluation forms must be sent to high school faculty members of the applicant's choosing. Students must include the names of the faculty members, who are given evaluation forms, on their honor society applications. It is a good idea to send the faculty members thank you emails for completing the forms several days before the deadline. It is good etiquette and will serve as a reminder to the faculty to complete and forward the forms as requested.

Faculty members are instructed to send Ms. Batlouni the completed evaluation forms via email by the posted deadline.

After the deadline Ms. Batlouni will download all shared folders to submit to the advisory committee with the completed Teacher Faculty Evaluation forms received.

Late forms will not be considered. The advisory committee, comprised of five FHS faculty members, will review submitted paperwork and select candidates. Only fully completed packets will be reviewed for membership.  Ms. Batlouni is a nonvoting member of the NHS Faculty Advisory Committee.

PWCS NHS Candidate application sp2022.docx
NHS Faculty Evaluation Form sp2022.docx

Please email Ms. Batlouni, [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding NHS applications.

The deadline for all paperwork this year to be submitted for consideration is May 12th.

Remember to follow through on the requirements for NHS membership listed above, so that you will be prepared meet the expectations for qualification.